PRDE educators take up the challenge of digital certifications

Educators in Puerto Rico's public education system are committed to optimizing their technopedagogical competencies. Thanks to a collaborative effort between Global Education Exchange Opportunities, Inc. (GEEO), the Department of Education and Digital Promise, all educators have access for the first time to a catalog of 22 digital certifications in Spanish. As part of efforts to ensure participation by all educators, the Desafío 48 event was held February 25-27, for which a total of 920 educators registered.

For 48 hours, educators from the Department of Education who took the Challenge were assisted by professionals and experts and had access to twenty-two digital certifications designed by Digital Promise Global in collaboration with GEEO, known as micro-credentials, to support teacher technology empowerment. At the time of this publication, 51 educators participating in the event have received their digital badges and have emerged as winners of this Challenge.

By obtaining a micro-credential, the educator evidences the mastery of the competencies he or she possesses to integrate technology in his or her virtual or face-to-face classroom. This digital badge accredits the educator with certain competencies in the use and integration of technology; a certification that the educator can take with them wherever they go and that increases their ability to perform their duties and in turn expand their resume.

Educators interested in receiving support to complete their micro-credentials can register to participate Thursday, March 25 through Saturday, March 27 from 2:00 pm at In addition to awarding the first 100 micro-credentials submitted during the event, GEEO is expanding the scope with the addition of the category of Team Leader. In recognition of those educators who have applied for and earned their digital badge since this phase of the DE-Innova Project began, they will now have the opportunity to participate in the Leaders Challenge by registering with a team of three educators and accepting the challenge to support them in applying for and earning their micro-credentials during the event. GEEO will reward the first 50 leaders who have each member of their team apply for and earn a digital badge as part of Challenge 48.

GEEO invites all educators who have earned a micro-credential and those who have already begun the process or whose application was denied to take advantage of this great opportunity to receive individualized assistance and recommendations from advisors and experts to complete their submission during the Challenge for a chance to win.