"On behalf of Global Education Exchange Opportunities, Inc. (GEEO) I would like to congratulate SM Publishing and the Association of Private Schools of Puerto Rico (AEP) for their literacy catapulting of the desire to learn and optimize our ability to teach online. Francisco Zariquiey's masterfully presented conference motivates us all. At the same time he recommended that we use as a reference the following OECD document to learn the competencies of the 21st century. So recognize and learn the ethics of care(https://www.oecd.org/education/El-trabajo-de-la-ocde-sobre-educacion-y-competencias.pdf)", expressions of Dr. Odette Piñeiro Caballero, CEO of GEEO.
On the other hand, Dr. Ana Milena Lucumi, Innovation Learning Design and Results Manager, shared with us the following thought: "Francisco Zariquie's presentation, in his keynote, documents in a histrionic way the experience of teachers and students from many parts of the world, in a diversity of languages and perhaps, in environments with better socioeconomic conditions and therefore with better access to technology. On the island we have achieved more technological rooms for students, but we know stories of large families with a cell phone and surviving in shifts, including parents who are teachers, trying to "save the world" with a single computer. Let alone access to the Internet. That's why the word resilience emerges for the island's teachers, who know it well because they have lived through everything from Maria, earthquakes and earthquakes to this health emergency, not to mention the crises that have been going on for almost 15 years in this town. It's a good thing that Puerto Rico doesn't get snow! So the teachers themselves, more than ever, have been self-taught and self-regulated students to model and mentor with a realistic optimism, while crying alone, the tears that no one sees, in a scene of magical realism that does not end, because the curtain has not yet fallen. These teachers are writing the story of a new education, where the emerging words for some, online, offline, asynchronous and synchronous, TEAMS, Zoom, Meet, in short, what allows us to try to create presence in the distance, are sorted. But there is one word swarming in your mind: lagging. Processes are being adjusted and distrust of the new is fertile ground for doubting the level of competencies, skills and knowledge achieved and attained by students. However, they have run the good race and each one has managed to reach another level as a teacher, and the students are finding their own routes thanks to that perseverance on the other side of the screen of a recursive professional called teacher. The ubiquity of learning permeates the spaces and occurs according to the proposal of each student's environment, so the task is mapped out for everyone, the task of connecting each discipline, each curricular plan with that dynamic, multimedia and versatile environment where the student interacts.