Educators and support staff in the public school system will be able this week and next week to complete the Technology Use and Perception Survey (TUPS), which will validate the effectiveness of the targeted and self-directed professional development initiatives that have been implemented this school year. 

In addition, as part of the outcomes, they will have the opportunity to learn about the new technology-education competencies and skills acquired as part of the DE-Innova project of the Department of Education (DE), and which areas require further support to promote the effective integration of the use of technology in the classroom.

"Last year, ninety-three percent (93%) of teachers in the public education system participated in a pre-assessment process, from which their Individual Technopedagogical Plan (ITP) emerged, creating a pathway for them to direct their professional development. Now they will be administered the post-assessment, to validate whether there was a change in perception and use by them and their students as a result of the professional development initiatives in which they have participated; and so that they can reflect on their technopedagogical growth," said Dr. Odette Piñeiro Caballero, CEO of Global Educational Exchange Opportunities, Inc, the company in charge of the post-assessment in phase IV of the DE-Innova project, in a written communication.

Piñeiro Caballero noted that this process is vitally important in the public education system because needs assessments typically occur with small samples and are not available to people outside the system. For the first time, the ED is sharing aggregated data to recognise educators' commitment to completing the assessment, as well as their participation in professional development. He said the main purpose of this project is to ensure effective access and use of technology by educators so that they, in turn, can transfer the knowledge gained to their students. "The effective integration of technological tools in the learning process allows our children and young people to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to face this globalised and highly technological world. In the long term, we are offering a new economic opportunity to the country, hand in hand with our future generations," said the former Education Secretary.

School Principals, Technology Specialists, Superintendents, Teacher Facilitators, Permanent Teachers, Librarians, Teachers in CASA Educational Centres, Correctional Education, Adult Education and Teachers in Post-Secondary Institutions of the DE, will have online access to the post-assessment questionnaire until next Thursday, May 13. Each education region will have several days allotted to participate in the process. The questionnaire takes about 25 to 30 minutes to complete.

Detailed information on the process, dates established according to educational region and access to the questionnaire is available through the link Teachers can clarify doubts or ask questions by completing the form at the following link: https: // or by calling (787) 621-6777.




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