As part of the recently announced project of the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE), DE-Innova, all teachers in the public education system will have the opportunity to participate in an assessment process that will allow them to develop their technological knowledge profile and obtain an Individual Technopedagogical Plan (ITP) for their professional development and to reinforce their technological competencies. This project seeks to guarantee the effective use of technology at all levels of the teaching process and to promote distance education in order to avoid, among other things, interruptions in the school calendar.

"The purpose of the assessment, besides knowing the teacher's perception in relation to the use and integration of technology, is to identify how the teacher perceives that his or her students build their own knowledge with the use of technological tools. As a result of this process, an Individual Technopedagogical Plan (ITP) will be developed, which will provide the educator with the necessary tools to direct his or her professional development based on his or her knowledge and skills. These results will also serve to identify outstanding teachers in the use of technology, who will be able to obtain a series of Micro-Credentials or digital certifications that demonstrate achievements, competencies or specific knowledge during the teaching process," said Dr. Odette Piñeiro Caballero, CEO of Global Educational Exchange Opportunities, Inc. (GEEO), the company in charge of this first phase of the DE-Innova project.

During the week of May 26-29, principals, technology specialists, superintendents, instructional facilitators, permanent teachers, librarians, teachers in CASA, correctional education, adult education and DE postsecondary institutions will have online access to the Technology Use and Perception Survey (TUPS), which takes about 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Meanwhile, staff classified as transient, professional counselors and social workers will have the same opportunity to complete the assessment during the week of August 3-7, 2020.

Piñeiro Caballero affirmed that this project, which is one of the vanguard to elevate the public education system, guarantees access to technology starting with teachers so that they, in turn, can transfer the knowledge obtained to their students. This and the integration of technological tools with learning, he said, allows for a new economic possibility for Puerto Rico in the future.

"For GEEO it is a privilege to contribute to closing the digital divide in our education system. More than 58% of children in Puerto Rico live below poverty levels. In the midst of the pandemic we face, these are the same students who did not have access to the Internet or the technological tools to continue learning from home. By supporting teachers to use technology, we contribute to equal participation in digital citizenship. Every teacher who gives 100% continuously, every principal, facilitator and superintendent deserves to have access to better technological tools, to use them with confidence and thus contribute to the construction of a new technopedagogical culture in our country," said Dr. Piñeiro Caballero.

The Technology Use and Perception questionnaire will be available through the link Teachers will be able to clarify doubts or ask questions about this
process by sending an email to [email protected] or calling (787) 884-8444.

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