By: Judith Santos Guisona, Ed.D.
Director of Micro Credentials, GEEO PR

As part of high quality professional development, educators in Puerto Rico's public education system had the opportunity to complete a series of micro-credentials to strengthen their competencies in the use and integration of technology in their work setting. micro-credentials to strengthen their competencies in the use and integration of technology in their work setting. This is the first time that the system's educators have worked with this self-directed learning modality, which offers them the opportunity to select the competency or skill they wish to develop or strengthen, and work on it at their own pace. Its success is based on the fact that the educator must evidence the development of the competence, which implies that he or she has to transfer what has been learned and demonstrate mastery. The process of applying for a micro-credential is a simple and flexible one: you select the micro-credential, submit the evidence and submit the application. The micro-credential is evaluated and if approved, you receive your digital badge. The digital badge certifies that you possess the competence and you can use it to enhance your social or professional profiles and your CV.

Several educators shared with us their experiences with the micro-credentials. Eloína Rivera Ramírez from ORE Ponce, was the first teacher to pass the micro-credential "Why use technology in the classroom". While waiting in the human resources office, she began to search for information, and the next day she applied for her first micro-credential. Her motivation upon receiving her digital badge led her to apply for other micro badges.

Marisol Acevedo Rivera, Spanish teacher, also shared her success story with micro-credentials: She has 4 micro-credentials approved so far. Marisol Acevedo was selected by Digital Promise Global to be thePR Micro-credential Leader Consul for Puerto Rico. Like these, there are many teachers, professional counsellors and social workers in our public education system who are satisfied with this new modality of professional learning.

In order to contribute to the transformation of the teaching process in the country's public schools, Global Education Exchange Opportunities (GEEO) and Digital Promise Global support the technological empowerment of educators through the use of micro-credentials. GEEO's micro-credential ecosystem is available at:

GEEO invites you to participate in the Virtual Education Support Room on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., where we offer live support to clarify concerns and answer questions about micro-credentialing.