TeacherGeek helps you solve the two main problems of engineering design with children.

TeacherGeek inspires and empowers the innovators of tomorrow. The engineering design system allows you to build a wide variety of mechanical devices. Do it your way by incorporating craft and/or recycled materials. Experiment and play, then analyse and use engineering. The TeacherGeek system enables true engineering innovation.

Problem #1

The projects are difficult to modify once built. Students finish after one attempt.


TeacherGeek allows students to build real projects that they can learn and grow with through experimentation, redesign, and even failure. Designs are easily built and modified. There is no such thing as a perfect design, so students are never done!

Problem #2

Projects with craft materials and recycled materials lack precision, accuracy and the ability to isolate variables. If there is no data, students wonder why learn science or mathematics. They are more art than engineering.


With TeacherGeek the data works. Students can have "aha" moments when they see the relationship between design changes and new results. This evidence sparks intrigue, motivating them to make more design changes as they learn and apply mathematical and scientific concepts.

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Maker Space

Maker Space builds on the power of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), forged through the process of engineering + design and hands-on DIY projects. It combines exploration, play and engineering to completely transform learning.

Maker Cart: A complete mobile Maker Space that "rolls" directly into the classroom to transform it.

Variety of materials

Real tools, real construction, real fun!

TeacherGeek gets curious minds excited and innovative.

Over 18,000 parts (more than you can fit in the trolley, so you can replace them); enough for years of use and hundreds of students.

Adding recycle bin and other materials

The Maker Cart pieces work with recycling and craft materials, allowing for crazy and unique designs that evolve and function as you imagine them (true STEM, STEAM and Upcycling).

Wow", "Aha" and "I get it now" moments.

Be amazed at how a design change affects the performance of your project. Useful data, iterative design and standards alignment make TeacherGeek activities the go-to resource for school engineering, camps and more.

Let's get to work

Kids love the chance to make real things, especially when they can use real, age-appropriate tools. The Maker Cart comes with enough tools for a whole class. Want projects that kids can do at home or without tools?



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