TEACHERGEEK is dedicated to inspiring and empowering tomorrow's innovators. The construction system allows you to create almost any mechanical artifact. Make it your way by incorporating found and/or recycled container materials. Experiment and play, then revise and use the engineering. The TeacherGeek system allows for true innovative engineering.

Meet, monitor and support your staff!

Manages need study of your preference to know how to support your staff. Visualization of data to support decision making. Offers professional development alternatives aligned to the needs of your staff. Access to reports that allow you to monitor the progress and impact of the implementation of any project. Access to data through a geospatial system that allows you to establish how to effectively allocate resources.

Student Life Agenda and GuideThe Student Life Agenda and Guide, provides the senior student with the information he or she needs to make the transition to college life. Students receive an orientation on how to use the agenda, and as part of the requirements of the Department of Education's Public Policy Compendium Series A-700 Student Services, are awarded a 2 contact hour certificate of occupational exploration.

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