About us...

Those who transform citizenship in the 21st century

Global Education Exchange Opportunities, Inc.

Since 2008...

We are dedicated to identifying and developing best practices in education and and management practices worldwide to encourage the use of those with the potential to improve academic, socio-economic and potential to improve academic, socio-economic and technological development. GEEO has the knowledge, experience experience, financial strength, professional resources, strategic relationships and infrastructure to fully meet and infrastructure to fully meet and exceed the goals and objectives set for each project. project. At GEEO we provide services to any organisation committed to continuous learning to acquire 21st century competencies. 

Our mission...

GEEOis a company of highly qualified professionals that offers innovative solutions to entities committed to their optimization.

Our vision...

To be an innovative instrument that transforms a globalized society towards a better 21st century.

Our values...

Synergy, Passion, Creativity, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility for Results, Innovation, Excellence

A passionate team

We have extensive experience, with proven results.

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Academic and Programmatic Team

Post-Secondary Transition and Vocational Assessments Team

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